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Migrate WikiWho service to VPS
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We've received an announcement that the WikiWho service, which is what powers Who-Wrote-That, parts of XTools and Education-Program-Dashboard, among other tools, will be shutting down in early 2022.

This task is to track efforts to migrate it either to production or to Cloud VPS.

Relevant links:

Overview of the current WikiWho stack:

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We're going to have a meeting soon-ish with @FaFlo to discuss the best path forward. Chances are we're start with VPS simply because deployment is much simpler than production. More tasks on this effort to be created later.

The meeting with Fabian and Roberto (an engineer at Gesis) went well. We now have a better understanding of their stack and what it will take to adopt WikiWho. We're thinking at least for the first attempt at bringing it in-house, we'd do more or less a carbon copy of their stack on VPS to ensure we are up and running with minimal effort. Longer-term, especially with broad interest in adding more languages, we'll want to think of way to make this more scalable and perhaps bring it to production. Community Tech probably won't have the bandwidth to assist much beyond maintaining the initial setup, so we'll need to contact stakeholders and WMF management to devise a long-term plan.

As a starting point, I've filed T290768: Request creation of wikiwho VPS project about getting a VPS project with the necessary quota to work with the current stack. Fabian and Roberto have graciously offered their help in getting everything set up. We can document all the steps we take and perhaps Puppet-ize the setup.

As for a timetable, we have been reassured the current service should stay functional at least until early 2022, but even after that we may be able to pull some strings to keep it up and running, if needed.

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The VPS installation has been up and running now for some time. We ran into a few problems, but I believe now we're at a point where things are stable.

The effort to bring WikiWho to production is tracked at T293386. For the time being, we're considering this low-priority, and there's a chance it will be put off for quite some time. Our VPS installation is performing very well and we should be able to scale with the setup as it is now.

We will look into adding new languages, starting with the ones already requested (see parent tasks). This is not a promise, though, as in order to add more languages we will need to first increase our storage capacity by some degree, and that is subject to approval by Cloud Services. We'll follow up on the tasks for each individual language request accordingly.

A huge, huge thanks to @Ragesoss for basically doing all the technical work here, and to Cloud-Services for graciously giving us the hardware we needed to make WikiWho at Wikimedia a reality. And of course thanks to @FaFlo and the engineers at Gesis for writing the WikiWho service and freely licensing it for us to use :)

Closing as resolved! \o/