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Adoption request for macommune
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I request being added as a co-maintainer of macommune The tools admin link is
Following the Adoption policy, Either:

  • The tool has been non-functional for 14 days, per T216485 (The tool has been non-functional for about 2 years and a half, and before that I was the previous maintainer with my then pro account.)
  • Or, The current maintainer(s) have been inactive for 28 days, per LINK(s)

The current maintainer(s) have been notified on all of their:

  • wikitech usertalk pages, per LINK(s)
  • homewiki usertalk pages, per LINK(s)
  • I confirm that I have notified them all via email (if available)
  • All of this was done 14 (or more) days ago and there have been no objections

The current owner is "Owner of abandoned tools", so I am not sure who to contact or where.

Please could the TFSC :

  • check the tool's home directory for obvious secret information, following the Adoption policy instructions

Event Timeline

The $HOME for this tool has been cleaned already likely as part of filing T216485: Archive/delete tool macommune. The credentials are in place, but shows no tools-db stored data so this should be fine.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-08-14T15:11:21Z] <bd808> Transferred ownership from [[User:Owner of abandoned tools]] to [[User:Ash Crow]] (T288890)

bd808 claimed this task.