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CSS code for class="error" not longer available in all pages or in all parts
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Since a couple of days, elements marked as noticeable error are no longer appearing in red text color, with frame in red color where requested, in enlarged font size.

This is the case for:

  • error messages of various extensions and messages adjoined to system maintenance categories
  • error messages inserted by various gadgets on top of pages or in the footer region

The reason is obviously:

  • CSS code is no longer loaded for all pages
  • errors are permitted only within page content area, but not on top of page or in front of content

Steps to reproduce


  • Create the following wikitext:
<ref name="DoesNotExist" />
<references />
  • Preview source editing (Vector).
  • Expected: Error message with text in red colour and enlarged size.
  • What you get: Regular black colour in inherited size vanishing among the entire document.
    • Error message is marked by class="error".
    • No decoration included when delivered by server.


  • Create a JavaScript gadget.
  • Produce a very important bug report on problems within page as <div>.
  • Insert this preceding mw.hook( "wikipage.content" ) and equip with class="error" etc.
  • Expected: Error message with text in red colour and enlarged size within red borders.
  • What you get: Text in regular black colour in normal size and burial advertising frame.


For the following classes CSS decoration is to be delivered in every page, unconditionally, in all parts of the page, whether the class name is part of content region or not:

  • .error
  • .errorbox
  • .warning
  • .warningbox

On Gadgets

Somebody might argue that all existing gadgets and user scripts shall be rewritten now and provide their own error decoration each via an additional CSS resource.

  • This would require a conflict free naming scheme of classes against the WMF classes (not all preceded by mw-, e.g. like those in the list above), not colliding with site class names of any involved wiki, or any other gadget.
  • Users might want to highlight errors more expressive, e.g. by applying a yellow background to the expected red colours, for all messages of all gadgets and extensions and any source.

MediaWiki Dictionary of Class Names

Where do I find the comprehensive list of all class names used by WMF,

  • telling me which are allowed in wikitext,
  • telling me which are allowed and supported for gadgets,
  • telling me which are not supported without further action by gadgets,
  • telling me which are not supported in wikitext?

Which is complete and a reliable promise which classes are to be used within about 1000 content projects, and which ones not?