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Add option to have the sandbox link outside the user menu
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Most of newbies are directed (or suggested to edit) their sandbox, and most of the tutorials about how to edit Wikipedia suggest to use the Sandbox. With the new collapsed user menu, the link to the sandbox has disappeared from the first sight, and this may make the discovery more difficult for the newbie.

The collapsed user menu is good, but it should be a good idea to have the link to the sandbox by default outside the menu, and give the option to add it inside in the preferences (not viceversa, because the new users don't know they can change their preferences either).

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Theklan renamed this task from Add option to have sandbox outside the user menu to Add option to have the sandbox link outside the user menu.Aug 15 2021, 10:47 PM

This seems to argue that we should not change the user interface because there are tutorials / documentation, and that no elements should be collapsible at all as that makes "discovery more difficult" of anything not immediately displayed.
In my understanding, instead, documentation should be updated to mention the "Sandbox" being in the user tools area.
Furthermore, adding more options with dubious value create more maintenance costs. I'm going to boldly decline this task.

You are declining this task but this is something that was proposed yesterday in the talk about this feature, so it should be considered an option to add some of the links outside (as it was said it is being considered).

Thanks for the additional info. What talk yesterday?

It was suggested at the unconference room after the Wikimania talk about DesktokImprovements that some of the links inside the menu may be put again outside reading the suggestions made here.

Aklapper changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".Aug 16 2021, 8:58 AM
ovasileva added a subscriber: ovasileva.

@Theklan - untagging the board for now. We've reviewed some of the requests on pulling specific links out of the user menu and the watchlist has so far being high priority (tracked in T289209: [Design Spike] Explore adding watchlist link in top header). For the sandbox - our initial research showed that a lot of new editors are unable to make the connection between the "sandbox" link and what the sandbox is. We will be monitoring the usage of the sandbox however, and might come back to this if we see that usage is going down which would indicate people are having a hard time finding it.

Logically the sandbox usage is going down, because new users can't find it.

Any news after a 6 weeks of Sandbox usage? Thanks.