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Add a link: Mobile dialogs should appear fading in and out from the centre of the screen
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  • Background**

Hi @RHo — the dialog animation is unrelated to this change. Here's a video from a while ago before edit mode toggle was added. The animation from the top is consistent with VE's dialogs (we are using VE's dialogs for the rejection & the edit mode toggle dialogs). If you'd like the animation to deviate from VE's default, please file a new task.

  • Task Description **

All non-fullscreen dialogs on mobile for the Add a link feature should transition by fading and out of the centre of the screen as per other non-fullscreen dialogs on VE:

Expected fade-in & out Actual dialog animation (drops down and flies up)

This task is about updating the transition behaviour to fade in/out for the edit toggle and rejection dialogs.