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Read-only window needed for s7
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We'd like to request a 30 minutes read-only time window for the following wikis to performance maintenance on their primary database master:



s7 also includes centralauth database, which means some operations might fail during the read-only period, such as: GlobalRenames, Changing/Confirming emails, logging into new wikis, password changes...

Impact: Those wikis will go read-only for around 30 minutes (hopefully a lot less). Reads will not be impacted
When: Wed 25th August at 06:00AM UTC.


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Kormat renamed this task from Read-only window needed for s7 (frwiki, jawiki, ruwiki) to Read-only window needed for s7.Aug 18 2021, 12:09 PM
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Because I'm out next week, I'll do whatever could be done beforehand (banners + Tech News), and Nick could potentially send MassMessage.

I'm sorry, but I have a question about this message delivered on our village pump.

It says that our wiki (frwiki) will be read-only tomorrow (2021-08-25 06:00 UTC).

But according to this Phabricator ticket, frwiki is not concerned (not listed).

And according to, frwiki is on s6.

Is it the list that is wrong ? or the message that was not sent to the right wikis ?

Thank you.

Edit : the message on our pump village only talks about CentralAuth, however, the one received on my user talk page does talk about the wiki being read-only.

Citation : "Pendant l’opération, il ne sera pas possible d’enregistrer des modifications." (translate : During the operation it will not be possible to save changes.)

@Tractopelle-jaune Hi, that message confusion is a combination of my fault, and a (new to me) software issue.
In brief: No, the read-only period will not affect Frwiki, but the CentralAuth downtime will. It should only last for a couple of minutes.

For context: I was trying to make a re-usable message at that would work (without additional translation efforts) for future cases of these kind of database upgrades/changes.
But I forgot to perfectly adapt it for this rare combination where CentralAuth is also affected, which means that the message needs to go to all wikis.
What I had tried to do, was remove line 2, then send the Massmessage. After it had been sent, I replaced line 2, but it seems as if I did that too quickly, and the software was using the live-version, instead of the version at the moment I had sent it.
My apologies for the confusion.

The maintenance was successfully completed.

Read-only start: 2021-08-25T06:01:04Z
Read-only finish: 2021-08-25T06:02:19Z

Total read-only time: 1m15s

Thanks for the help :)

Considering the task itself as resolved, I'm closing it.