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Browser Test Authentication Failures
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While attempting to add additional browser tests to PR #69, some odd browser test issues were encountered in CI (which were not encountered locally): For some reason - while running tests on CI - Dusk fails to authenticate the test user, causing test failures. See console logs from test run artifacts:

        "level": "SEVERE",
        "message": "http:\/\/\/_dusk\/login\/1 - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)",
        "source": "network",
        "timestamp": 1629290601741
NOTE: As this bug was blocking a different issue, the additional tests, and changes to the github workflow to allow logging failures, were moved to PR #70 to be tackled seperately.

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Prio Notes:

  • Might affect API consumers (prevents BDD testing)
  • Might affect End users (prevents BDD testing)
  • Affects development process
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