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Disambiguation Pages: Visually differentiate disambiguation links on Visual Editor link selector
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As a Visual Editor contributor using the link toolbar to search for knowledge to reference in my article, I can:

  • Visibly differentiate disambiguation links as a different type of content than articles that come up on my suggestions

Proposed solution:
We are proposing changing the copy to better describe what a disambiguation page means in the visual editor link pop-up:

VE_Link Selector.png (1×1 px, 350 KB)

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This was not added by the software, but by the community. For English Wikipedia, it lives at Template:Disambiguation page short description and the wording was decided in a poll. We will need to consult them to change it.

For other projects, it uses the Wikidata description at Q19919777. Currently there is only an English and Spanish description. We can change it there (use a volunteer account!), but note however "article" isn't a safe word to use since that implies the mainspace, and the disambiguation page and the links in it can be in different namespaces.

Starting tomorrow we will have hard data on how many disambig links are added through VE, and hopefully following T285510 those numbers will be low, so we may not need much additional effort for VE anyway.

NRodriguez claimed this task.

Leon thanks so much for pointing this out!

I will go onto the talk page there and see if folks resonate with the word change.

@nayoub do you want to own updating the Wikidata description at Q19919777?

They are already differentiated somewhat by the icon.

image.png (1×1 px, 444 KB)

Yeah, great point! We considered that but we realized in testing that the icon can still be a bit confusing, @matmarex for example the icon is still a bit hard to guage, especially for concepts like "Evolution" or "Diaspora" where the icon itself could represent the concept it refers to