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Remove line between My Collections and Available Collections in My Library
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A user reported that the line between My Collections and Available Collections is confusing.

The "My collections" tab button has a little line to the right, is this intentional?

Looking at other tab systems for inspiration shows that this isn't a commonly used element. Instead, we should remove this line and shorten the underline a little to distinguish the two selections from each other.

Twitter notifications (All selected, Mentions highlighted)

image.png (121×623 px, 4 KB)

Asana (List selected, Board highlighted)

image.png (59×261 px, 3 KB)

Facebook (Home selected, Pages highlighted)

image.png (101×291 px, 11 KB)

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Samwalton9 triaged this task as Lowest priority.Tue, Sep 7, 12:34 PM
Samwalton9 moved this task from Ready to Review on the The-Wikipedia-Library (Kanban) board.

Hi @Samwalton9, Yesterday I had raised the PR for this but I had forgotten to add a feature (to shorten the underline). Now I want to know that how much short underline we want? I also add some example navigation for design perspective, which one should I apply?


Hi Ajay - this is great, thanks for catching this. I think nav2 is my preferred option in terms of design, and I think the width could be something like 80% of the text width.

Hi @Samwalton9, I have updated the changes on PR, now it can be merge.

This looks great! :)