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images not loading from TU-154 polish wiki article
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:

a black background appears

What should have happened instead?:
the images of the article should appear

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also happens for , could it be that the issue is a regression since the name of the test case that fails is

gallery opens from a non-english article


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adding Wikipedia-Preview tag, same error too, since we use the same endpoint params.

When checking on,
the second and third links gallery have the same problem.

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This commit isn't relevant.

Relevant Ticket: T248611#6020386, the logic to choose the image between commons / wikipedia isn't always true now

Based on my understanding, Wikipedia uses CommonsMetadata extension, the imageinfo api is enough for us to have all the information License|LicenseShortName|ImageDescription|Artist

Wikipedia KaiOS PR:
Wikipedia Preview PR:

Please test it carefully in different articles, different languages

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Code looks good. It is just always calling the wiki instead of commons.

@Jpita please test carefully and merge as appropriate.