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Need method to perform batch tasks on all (or selected) pages in a work, on Wikisource
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Sometimes, it is desirable to make a change on all, or many, pages in a single work, on Wikisource.

We need a gadget or script that allows changes such as find-and-replace, across sets of related pages; analogous to VisualFileChange.js on Wikimedia Commons.

It should work on body text, but also (optionally?) in headers and footers.

This was first mooted at:

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Hi, this is what bots (e.g. using Pywikibot) are for. You may check (and contact) someone listed on

And yet commons, which has bots, also has VisualFileChange.js

This is, as stated, a proposal for a tool analogous to VisualFileChange.js, for Wikisource editors who are unable to operate bots.

It is no more invalid than the use of VisualFileChange.js on Commons is invalid.

Ah, thanks! In that case, you could import that gadget into English Wikisource: (and/or check if there are similar existing gadgets on Wikisources).