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Write extension to retrieve global (Wikimedia wiki-wide) contributions for an IP or username
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Currently outside tools such as

are /were used to retrieve the equivalent of [[Special:Contributions]] for a particular IP or username across Wikimedia wikis. It should be possible to implement such functionality in an extension (similar to GlobalUsage for files). A user would be able to visit Special:Global Contributions (or some equivalent), input a username or IP, and retrieve the equivalent of [[Special:Contributions]], but in an aggregate form (on every wiki where the user or IP has been active).

Filing this is as a new extension request.

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*shameless plug*

See also which does something similar but in chronological order instead of per-wiki (also supports wildcards). Often used for ranges.

Can be used as a range-contributions for one wiki and/or a specific user on all wikis.

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I'll be really useful indeed. Now that full SUL is a reality, it'd be worth developing the extension mentioned above, or create a more suitable one.

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Could someone maybe still take a look at this? What about a CentralAuth integration?

Isn't this what GlobalContribs does already or just works for registered users?

At the time GlobalContribs was written (by @UltrasonicNXT ), it was implemented with the mind of having it perform on a small scaled wiki-farm. It's not meant to perform well on huge wiki farms like Wikimedia - which this task is aiming for. You might be interested about T154852: Merge GlobalContribs into GlobalContributions, where GlobalContributions was written by @Legoktm.

@SamanthaNguyen Thanks for the tip. I was not aware of GlobalContribs bad performance on big farms. I'll stay tuned to T154852 and this task too. Regards.

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