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Request Status: Discovery Phase by Platform PM
Request Type: Research
Related OKR: //Not specifically called out in any 2021 OKR.

Request Title: Research Templates & Global Templates

Request Description: Review the current request for global templates, how that relates to templates and options to approach


  • Indicate Priority Level: Board Ask
  • Main Requestors: Carol D. (VP product), Amir A., Board
  • Ideal Delivery Date: <please add ideal date to deliver request if applicable>
  • Stakeholders: community

Required Documents:

Related PHAB Tickets<add links here>
Product One PagerGlobal Templates Wiki
Product Requirements Document (PRD)<add link here>
Product Roadmap<add link here>

Optional Documents:

Product Planning Document (Business Case)Global Templates Ppt
Product Brief<add link here>
Other Documents

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