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Watchlist and User talk to main navigation
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Watchlist and user talk page are currently separate activities. In order to improve the user’s orientation when navigating to and from Watchlist or Talk pages, we need to consolidate it into one activity. This would be a huge benefit to users, especially considering the ongoing focus on talk pages in Q2 21/22.


Add the navigation bar to these two activities, as illustrated below:

Artboard.png (1×720 px, 187 KB)

👉Ticket derived from a previous conversation with @cooltey in T281413

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@cooltey’s previous evaluation:

Hi @schoenbaechler

And an off topic question, how much work would it mean to add the navigation bar to these two screens as well? I think it’d be a huge benefit to users. I’ll create a separate task for it then. And here’s a quick mockup to illustrate it:

I'll say that would be a medium ~ large work.

The current "Explore", "My lists", "History" and "Edits" are in an activity; Watchlist and Talk pages are in separate activities, which additional logic should be added, and also the smoothness between activities should be also considered (switch between activities will show a default transition animation)

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