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Read-only window needed for s4 (Commonswiki)
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We'd like to request a 30 minutes read-only time window for the following wikis to performance maintenance on their primary database master:



Impact: Those wikis will go read-only for around 30 minutes (hopefully a lot less). Reads will not be impacted
When: Mon 6th Sept at 05:00AM UTC.

Event Timeline

Banner set and Tech News updated. I'll notify the community on Monday.

The banner says 06:00 UTC, but it should say 05:00 UTC

Marostegui closed this task as Resolved.EditedSep 6 2021, 5:10 AM

Switchover was done
RO: 05:00:49
RW: 05:01:41
Total: 52 seconds

Thanks for your help!