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Consolidating wikidata user interface label editor update history
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Feature summary
When updating labels, descriptions, and/or aliases with the standaard Wikidata user interface one history/version record is generated for each language line changed. This is confusing for the user when reviewing the update history afterwards.

When using the Pywikibot function editEntity only one single history record is generated for all of the updated labels, descriptions, or aliases.

Steps to reproduce (item update history examples)

Use case(s)

We would prefer that the Wikidata user interface uses one single function call to editEntity, like Pywikibot does; not a separate transaction for each of the changed language lines, but one single transaction to update all of the labels, descriptions, and aliases in one shot.

Example call for Pywikibot:

item.editEntity( {'labels': item.labels, 'descriptions': item.descriptions, 'aliases': item.aliases}, summary=transcmt)

We suspect that the Wikidata GUI uses a loop through each language for all of the changed labels, descriptions, and aliases to call a function editLabels, editDescriptions, editAliases for each cell in the language matrix that changed.

See for an example of calling those functions.