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VPS instance for Scholia production env
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I'm Guillermo Facundo from the WESO research group at the University of Oviedo. We're working with Scholia and would like to know if would be possible to increase the disk size of the VPS instances.

Thanks in advance.

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@Thewillyhuman gives instructions on how to add new cinder volumes to an instance. We have phased out having base images with different local storage sizes in favor of this more flexible approach.

You many find that your project needs a higher quota for cinder storage after you start using this method. If so, see the instructions that @Aklapper has lined to in T289789#7312424.

aborrero added a subscriber: aborrero.

Hi there. I'm on Cloud Services clinic duty this week.

I don't see any actionable here. As mentioned above, Cinder volumes are the way to go. But apart from that, it is a bit unclear what CloudVPS project is this request referring to, to be able to give more hints or support.

I'm closing this task as 'invalid' for lack of information. Please, feel free to reopen if necessary.