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Results page - prompt reviewer to log in when viewing results page logged out
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As a mismatch store admin
I want mismatch reviewers to log in
in order to always have a track record of who made a review decision

We need to prompt mismatch reviewers to log in on the results page if they are not already logged in.

Link to Figma file.

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 11.58.40.png (775×870 px, 87 KB)

Copy: Please log in to be able to make any changes.

GIVEN a non-logged in user
WHEN viewing the results page
THEN they are shown a warning message asking them to log in
AND the dropdowns and apply changes button are disabled

Acceptance criteria:

  • warning message is shown to mismatch reviewers on the results page for logged out users
  • dropdowns are disabled for logged out users
  • apply changes button is disabled for logged out users

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This task was accidentally worked on, due to a misunderstanding in Mattermost yesterday, which prompted us to believe this task was resolved.

It is up for review at this PR: