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Reply tool triggered an Abuse Filter at hewiki's village pump
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Using the Reply tool atויקיפדיה:מזנון?dtenable=1#Discussion_tools_update produced this error message:

This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and it has been disallowed. In addition, as a security measure, some privileges routinely granted to established accounts have been temporarily revoked from your account. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: הגדרת משתמש ותיק לפי החלטת הקהילה

It was possible to make the same edit the page in a wikitext editor without getting an error, and the Reply tool worked after that.

This might have been a one-time glitch, or a problem with If there are no further reports, then this should probably be closed as invalid.

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Uhh… it looks like the filter revokes the 'autoconfirmed' status of every autoconfirmed user, until they have more edits and account age. Effectively it tries to change the definition of autoconfirmed users. I don't think it was related to the edit you tried to make.

I don't know why this is done using an abuse filter, instead of just configuring how 'autoconfirmed' status in granted in site configuration. Maybe we can get someone to explain, and maybe do it properly for them?

@matmarex That's because they asked for that in T243076: Change autoconfirmed days and edits limit in he@wiki., and because I asked them "why do you want to use such extreme measures". Sounds like they just decided to use an "alternative".

ppelberg added a subscriber: ppelberg.

Considering the issue being reported here is caused by an abuse filter, rather than from within the Reply Tool or any other editing interface, we are going to decline this task.