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Handle "Could not draw the image" properly in the Gallery
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Feedback from user feedback.

Yes, keep in mind that this issue happens all the time not on a specific wiki page. See mail atachment.

As Example on:

And I did a record of the issue on YouTube for you:

Hope this helps.
See Play Store Ratings in german, there are severel reports of the same issue.

Thank you.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Visit Kompass in de wiki.
  2. Click on lead image to go to the Gallery.

Expected results

Even if some images are not able to be displayed, the Gallery feature should not be blocked though.

Actual results

The progress bar keeps loading and shows the "Could not draw the image" snackbar.

Environments observed

App version: 2.7.50372

Event Timeline

As per my recent observations:

  • Happens more than 90% times on non-English articles (only less than 10% of images are rendered correctly)
  • Happens less than 10% time or never on English articles (seems like most of, if not all images are rendered correctly)


  • On PL and EN wiki articles
  • In mobile Wikipedia version 2.7.50372-r-2021-09-01
  • On Motorola One (XT1941-4) with Android 10 (updated August 1, 2021)

Screenshots attached.

01.jpg (1×720 px, 77 KB)
02.png (1×720 px, 14 KB)

This should now be fixed in the latest beta.