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The global preferences mechanism is broken
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Hi. The global preferences mechanism on Special:Preferences does not work any more. Make sure you have some global preferences for watchlist. When you open this link, there are no gray radio-boxes. All the variables that have global values should have the local definition radio-boxes to be gray and non-clickable until clicking on "set local exception". If you click on it twice, on and off, it starts to work properly.

Screenshot_20210829-004237_Samsung Internet.jpg (1×639 px, 236 KB)

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Some more screenshots, before double-click

Screenshot_20210829-010108_Samsung Internet.jpg (138×739 px, 36 KB)

and after
Screenshot_20210829-010308_Samsung Internet.jpg (137×715 px, 30 KB)

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GlobalPreferences should still work as expected, this is just a UI bug. FYI @Xaosflux the priority field should generally only be set if you plan on working on this or are part of the development team, as per