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[SPIKE] What do senior contributors think of the auto-subscription implementation?
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This task is about consulting with volunteers from across the Movement to learn what they think of the initial automatic topic subscription experience (T284836 + T262103).


This particular consultation is intended to help us answer the following questions:

  1. Do Senior Contributors find it intuitive that they are automatically subscribed to conversations that they: A) Start and/or B) post a new comment in?
  2. Where – within Special:Preferences – do people expect to be taken after clicking the Visit preferences button within the pop-up
  3. Are Senior Contributors confident in their understanding of the following?
    • A) The impact automatic subscriptions will have on their on-wiki experience
    • B) What abilities they have to configure how automatic topic subscriptions work
    • C) Where/how they can know whether they are subscribed to a conversation or not.
    • D) What impact checking/unchecking the soon-to-be renamed Watch this page checkbox has. Context: T290712#7353382.


Call for feedback is being drafted here:


  • Conversations are started at the ===Consultation wikis listed below that invite volunteers to try the automatic topic subscriptions prototype and share the feedback they have about it.
  • Links to the conversations that have been started are posted in the ===Consultation wikis section below
  • The issues volunteers surface in through testing are documented in ===Emergent issues

Consultation wikis

Project nameCodeLink to conversation
Russian Wikipediaru.wiki
Polish Wikipediapl.wiki
English Wikipediaen.wikiUser_talk:Enterprisey/reply-link
English Wikipediaen.wikiWP:VPT#dtenable testing


Issue nameDescriptionLink to feedback in contextTicket

Open questions

  • 1. Is automatic topic posting (T280199) needed for this test?


  1. All ===Open questions are answered
  2. Messages inviting people to try the automatic subs prototype are posted at each of the ===Consultation wikis listed above
  3. Any and all issues that volunteers spot are documented in the === Issues above

Event Timeline

I've started drafting the message we will post to invite Senior Contributors to share feedback about the prototype. The draft can be found here: