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[SPIKE] What do senior contributors think of the auto-subscription implementation?
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This task is about consulting with volunteers from across the Movement to learn what they think of the initial automatic topic subscription experience (T284836 + T262103).


This particular consultation is intended to help us answer the following questions:

  1. Do Senior Contributors who have Automatic Topic Subscriptions enabled find it intuitive that they will receive notifications about new comments posted in discussions that they: A) Start and/or B) post a new comment in?
  2. Do Senior Contributors know how to adjust whether they are automatically subscribed to conversations they start and/or comment in?
  3. Do Senior Contributors think they have fine enough control over what causes them to become automatically subscribed to discussions?
  4. Do Senior Contributors know how to tell whether they are subscribed to a conversation or not?
  5. Do Senior Contributors understand what the [ subscribe ] and Add this page to your watchlist affordances do? Context: T290712#7353382.


Call for feedback is being drafted here:


  • Conversations are started at the ===Consultation wikis listed below that invite volunteers to try the automatic topic subscriptions prototype and share the feedback they have about it.
  • Links to the conversations that have been started are posted in the ===Consultation wikis section below
  • The issues volunteers surface in through testing are documented in ===Emergent issues

Consultation wikis

Project nameCodeLink to conversation
Russian Wikipediaru.wiki
Polish Wikipediapl.wiki
English Wikipediaen.wikiUser_talk:Enterprisey/reply-link


DescriptionLink(s) to feedbackTicket
Unexpected that you are not automatically re-subscribed to a section you previously unsubscribed from after commenting in itTopic:Wjsd9nggwvzv3o9o, Topic:Wk7cqvino2vjv0jzT295950
Concern that people already using DiscussionTools will have difficulty discovering Automatic Topic SubscriptionsTopic:Wjtq6x364luwk5f0We will measure automatic vs. manual subscription initiation in T280896
Introduce ability to set subscription preference within the Reply and New Discussion Tools' Advanced shelvesTopic:Wjtq6x364luwk5f0, Topic:Wk7cqvino2vjv0jzT295087
Pop-up can appear "behind" the page chromeTopic:Wk7cqvino2vjv0jzT295948

Open questions

  • 1. Is automatic topic posting (T280199) needed for this test?


  1. All ===Open questions are answered
  2. Messages inviting people to try the automatic subs prototype are posted at each of the ===Consultation wikis listed above
  3. Any and all issues that volunteers spot are documented in the === Issues above

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Event Timeline

I've started drafting the message we will post to invite Senior Contributors to share feedback about the prototype. The draft can be found here:

Note: I've updated the task descriptions Purpose section with questions that surfaced during the pre-mortem exercise the team conducted in T290508.

I've invited volunteers at to try the Automatic Topic Subscription prototype . [i]


ppelberg added a subscriber: iamjessklein.

Update: 9-Nov
I've added the feedback that volunteers have surfaced on-wiki thus far to the task description's ===Issues section.