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r77638 writes to stdout instead of using specified sink, breaking xml dumps
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new code is:

$writer = new XMLWriter();
$writer->openURI( 'php://stdout' );

in dumpTextPass.php

This bypasses the write functions for the user-specified sink which for example would write several compressed streams at once to different files.

This will break XML dumps.

Tested from the command line against trunk using the command

/usr/bin/php -q /home/ariel/src/mediawiki/testing/phase3/maintenance/dumpTextPass.php --wiki=elwikidb --stub=gzip:/home/ariel/src/mediawiki/testing/dumps/public/elwikidb/20110127/elwikidb-20110127-stub-meta-current1.xml.gz --prefetch=bzip2:/home/ariel/src/mediawiki/testing/dumps/public/elwikidb/20110125/elwikidb-20110125-pages-meta-current1.xml.bz2 --force-normal --report=1000 --server=localhost --spawn=/usr/bin/php --output=bzip2:/home/ariel/src/mediawiki/testing/dumps/public/elwikidb/20110127/elwikidb-20110127-pages-meta-current1.xml.bz2

and it wrote to stdout (it opened the specified output file which then had length 14 bytes = empty file).

(replace with files of your choice on a local install).

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: blocker



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I'm thinking you mean r77638

157 ialex 77638 $reader = new XMLReader();
158 $reader->open( $this->input );
159 $writer = new XMLWriter();
160 $writer->openURI( 'php://stdout' );

CC'ing IAlex

Needs re-fixing, since the XMLReader/Writer-related changes were backed out in r92707.

Are we talking trunk or 1.17 here? Trunk runs fine; I've been testing against it for some time.

hearing no response (and having had runs fine against 117wmf4, 118wmf1 and trunk), I'm calling this done.