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Provide semi-automated edit summaries for ZObject edits
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As an editor, and edit-triager, I would like edit summaries in Wikifunctions to be more useful, more often.

WikiLambda currently use the standard MediaWiki practice of a single, optional, edit summary, which could encompass a diversity of changes.
This means that most history entries are ambiguous, or empty. (e.g. most of RecentChanges for the Main namespace)

As an idea:
I like the way that Wikidata has auto-filled details for everything that happens, due to the modular nature of editing content within each entity. (e.g. a random new lexeme's history)
(However, I am also sometimes frustrated when editing Wikidata, as I cannot suffix the automated edit-summary with a custom comment. e.g. "reverting vandalism" or "see talkpage". cf. T47224 for their related task)