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Describe typical user workflows for batch editing and uploading structured data on Commons
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Outline and describe several 'typical' user workflows in which files on Wikimedia Commons are edited and uploaded with structured data, focusing on what this workflow could look like in OpenRefine.

Workflows are described for very common types of media files (corresponding to common infobox templates):

  • Most basic file description with {{Information}} infobox template
  • Files that are digital representations of artworks, with {{Artwork}} infobox template

Feedback from community members is extremely welcome.

Workflows are outlined here. Feel free to comment and suggest additions and improvements:


Due Date
Sep 9 2021, 10:00 PM

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@Spinster: Hi, the Due Date set for this open task passed a while ago. Could you please either update or reset the Due Date (by clicking Edit Task), or set the status of this task to resolved in case this task is done? Thanks a lot!

Thanks for staying on top of this @Aklapper (more than I do ... after all those years I still haven't figured out the best method to stay on top of my Phab tickets!)
Closing this task, as the basics have indeed been done. See
We'll continue work on this in upcoming months but that may be expressed in new tickets if appropriate.

@Spinster: Heh. :) I'd hope that (and other queries, or dashboards) could help a bit. If you (or anyone else) has any topics/questions about Phab, please feel free to bring them up on - happy to help!