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Trove configurations aren't working
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There are plenty of reasons why you want a persistently customized database configuration. That's why that's a core feature of Trove. Strangely, we are unable to use the configuration feature (always needing to accept the default) because you cannot get a list of parameters from the trove API. I'm not sure if this is configuration, missing services, a bug or a policy/permissions issue.

This is observable in Horizon, but at the CLI level, to reproduce:
This is a valid datastore version ID:

[bstorm@cloudcontrol1003]:~ $ sudo wmcs-openstack datastore version show 379d8765-8503-4286-a046-0a4c8f8f745a
| Field     | Value                                |
| active    | True                                 |
| datastore | a5eb0629-1f06-4845-9ab4-b89f6eb622f4 |
| id        | 379d8765-8503-4286-a046-0a4c8f8f745a |
| image     | 6c715a45-ccd2-4e61-b23e-f8577ea1137d |
| name      | 10.5.10                              |
| packages  |                                      |

When I look for params:

[bstorm@cloudcontrol1003]:~ $ sudo wmcs-openstack database configuration parameter list --datastore mariadb 379d8765-8503-4286-a046-0a4c8f8f745a

[bstorm@cloudcontrol1003]:~ $

Without changing project, I get this from verbose mode: "GET /v1.0/admin/datastores/versions/379d8765-8503-4286-a046-0a4c8f8f745a/parameters HTTP/1.1" 200 32
RESP: [200] Connection: close Content-Length: 32 Content-Type: application/json Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2021 18:20:01 GMT
RESP BODY: {"configuration-parameters": []}

clean_up ListDatabaseConfigurationParameters:
END return value: 0

Changing to trove project changes nothing.

Also, it returns this only for valid parameters (here searching by name instead of ID):

[bstorm@cloudcontrol1003]:~ $ sudo wmcs-openstack --os-project-id trove database configuration parameter list --datastore mariadb 10.5.10

[bstorm@cloudcontrol1003]:~ $ sudo wmcs-openstack --os-project-id trove database configuration parameter list --datastore mariadb 10.5.1
Datastore version '10.5.1' cannot be found. (HTTP 400)

So it finds the datastore and either cannot or won't reveal any available parameters to configure.

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So, in that case, I propose adding these params to mariadb and mysql

innodb_buffer_pool_size, integer, max size of 57671680 (because it needs a max) and restart_required as well as wait_timeout set sanely (

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-09-03T19:14:54Z] <bstorm> adding config group validation rules for mariadb 10.5.10 T290349

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-09-03T19:19:24Z] <bstorm> adding config group validation rules for postgresql and mysql T290349

Bstorm claimed this task.

These three commands made it all work (run individually):

trove-manage db_load_datastore_config_parameters mysql 5.7.29 /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/trove/templates/mysql/validation-rules.json
trove-manage db_load_datastore_config_parameters mariadb 10.5.10 /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/trove/templates/mariadb/validation-rules.json
trove-manage db_load_datastore_config_parameters postgresql 12.7 /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/trove/templates/postgresql/validation-rules.json

The manual step is mentioned on step 5 here
It is easily missed. It seems to be supported for all datastores now despite what many docs around the internet say about it being mysql only.