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LabelInLanguage checker should check if the constraint parameter has a valid language code
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Currently the constraint parameter for language code of the required labels (P424) is string and doesn't care if the language code is a valid one or not.

This is better to be changed.

See T195178: New constraint type to ensure that Items have a Label in a specific language for more context.

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Hi @Addshore, would this be something for tech polishing? I could also bring it to camp as is?

To me this seems more like a product than a tech task. I don’t think there’s a need to do this from the technical side – as far as I can tell, if the constraint is configured with an invalid language code, the checker won’t crash, it’ll just report a violation everywhere.

Manuel triaged this task as Lowest priority.Wed, Oct 6, 8:34 AM

Ak ok, thank you Lucas!