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Create an additional argument to image syntax to mark the image as page image
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Feature summary: An additional argument like pageimage in file syntax should mark this image as page image. If there are more than one image with that parameter, the first one should be selected. If there are no images, the automatic estimation of page images should be performed as it is done now.

Use case(s): The problem can be illustrated for instance at The page image is File:Hbf_Halle_(Saale).jpg (width: 220px, width/height ratio 1,33). A better choice would be File:Burg_Giebichenstein_mit_Brücke1a.jpg (width: 300px, width/height ratio 1,5) which is placed directly at the beginning of the article but it was not selected. Authors do not understand the automatic selection and cannot change the selected image. The description of the score-calculation mechanism at is not good enough to understand the score calculations and the selection. There is no tool, to present the scores of all images. Maybe the page-image selection should be improved, too.

There is another problem with the Kartographer. All map points can use a map image usually of about 150px in the description which will be presented on the map. These images are written in Wiki syntax but not presented in the article. But they are used for the automatic selection, too -- although they are really small in size.

Up to now there are no convenient ways to control the selection. The page-image deny list will become excessive within time and can be edited only by administrators. This list has to contain all exceptions for each article -- without the opportunity to use placeholders or regular expressions. That's why all Wikipedias use another way because of Millions of exceptions. They restrict the image search to the leading section assuming that the page image is already present in that section. But this is not done for other non-Wikipedia wikis, and maybe in some cases not suitable. And most authors cannot alter the wiki settings.

Benefits: Page Images are used for both article search and page preview popups and are therefore of high importance. That's why authors should be able the select the image of best choice. The automatic page-image estimation fails in many cases, and the authors mostly do not know why. With the additional argument authors can autonomously select the page image of interest.