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Include the percentage of changes when showing feedback after updating the translation
Closed, DeclinedPublic


After the initial iteration for the feedback shown to users when they update a proposed translation (T259511), part of the messaging was not implemented. In particular, this ticket proposes to include the percentage of change made by the user:

Edit a sentence - Updating.png (768×1 px, 193 KB)

  • The color code should follow the same logic used for already translated sentences. Preferably reusing the code so that it can't go out of sync if adjusted in the future.
  • The percentage of change should be calculated against the proposed translation even if the user makes multiple edits. For example, making two edits that replace a different half of the contents each should show that the sentence was changed 100% after the second edit. If this is technically hard to achieve, we can consider alternatives.

The video below shows how that part of the message is not shown: