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Revisit Toolforge automated package updates and version pinnings
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We have two Toolforge-specific differences to how everything else in Cloud VPS does package updates:

  • No unattended updates for distro-wikimedia or distro-tools repos
  • Pinned versions for Kernel and sssd (profile::toolforge::apt_pinning)

Both of them are causing our systems to run on outdated software versions.

Lack of unattended updates for our own repos alone has caused a large amount of outdated packages (list is outdated versions present on at least one VM). T181647 says the clinic duty person should be manually updating things.. but I don't think anyone is.

taavi@tools-clushmaster-02:~ $ clush -w @all -N 'sudo apt-upgrade -un report' | sort -k3 | uniq
buster-wikimedia/main: prometheus-rsyslog-exporter 0.0.0+git20201008-1 --> 0.0.0+git20201008-3
stretch-wikimedia/main: prometheus-rsyslog-exporter 0.0.0+git20201008-1 --> 0.0.0+git20201008-3
stretch-wikimedia/main: python3-prometheus-client 0.0.18-1 --> 0.6.0-1~wmf9u1
stretch-wikimedia/main: python-prometheus-client 0.0.18-1 --> 0.6.0-1~wmf9u1
buster-wikimedia/main: python3-wmflib 0.0.6-1+deb10u1 --> 0.0.9-1+deb10u1
buster-wikimedia/main: python3-wmflib 0.0.7-1+deb10u1 --> 0.0.9-1+deb10u1
buster-wikimedia/main: python3-wmflib 0.0.8-1+deb10u1 --> 0.0.9-1+deb10u1
stretch-wikimedia/main: cloud-init 0.7.9-2+deb9u1 --> 20.2-2~bpo10+1
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/kubeadm-k8s-1-19: kubectl 1.17.13-00 --> 1.19.13-00
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/kubeadm-k8s-1-19: kubectl 1.17.17-00 --> 1.19.13-00
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/kubeadm-k8s-1-19: 1.2.13-2 --> 1.4.8-1
buster-tools/main: jobutils 1.41 --> 1.42
buster-tools/main: misctools 1.41 --> 1.42
stretch-tools/main: jobutils 1.41 --> 1.42
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/kubeadm-k8s-1-19: docker-ce-cli 5:18.09.9~3-0~debian-stretch --> 5:20.10.7~3-0~debian-buster
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/kubeadm-k8s-1-19: docker-ce-cli 5:19.03.14~3-0~debian-stretch --> 5:20.10.7~3-0~debian-buster
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/kubeadm-k8s-1-19: docker-ce 5:19.03.5~3-0~debian-stretch --> 5:20.10.7~3-0~debian-buster
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/kubeadm-k8s-1-19: docker-ce-cli 5:19.03.5~3-0~debian-stretch --> 5:20.10.7~3-0~debian-buster
buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/elastic74: elasticsearch-curator 5.2.0-1 --> 5.8.1
oldstable/main: python-elasticsearch-curator 5.2.0-1 --> [remove]
stretch-wikimedia/main: puppet 5.5.10-2~deb9u2 --> 5.5.22-1+deb9u1
buster-wikimedia/main: puppet 5.5.10-4 --> 5.5.22-1
buster-wikimedia/component/jdk8: openjdk-8-jdk 8u242-b08-1~deb10u1 --> 8u302-b08-1~deb10u1
buster-wikimedia/component/jdk8: openjdk-8-jdk-headless 8u242-b08-1~deb10u1 --> 8u302-b08-1~deb10u1
buster-wikimedia/component/jdk8: openjdk-8-jre 8u242-b08-1~deb10u1 --> 8u302-b08-1~deb10u1
buster-wikimedia/component/jdk8: openjdk-8-jre-headless 8u242-b08-1~deb10u1 --> 8u302-b08-1~deb10u1

I'm not sure about the origins of Kernel and sssd pinning, but I can't really think of any reasons why we want them - I'd much rather take the security and bugfix updates that are released to (old)stable than take the additional stability coming from not updating.

Event Timeline

In our team meeting:

  • we agreed that we aren't seeing a lot of value today on excluding the wmf repo, we can un-exclude it!
  • we are probably no longer interested in the package pinning in general. We will keep the pinning for the kernel and sssd just in case, but other than that, all other pinning can just be drop unless there is a good reason against

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-09-09T16:50:05Z] <majavah> enable unattended updates on toolsbeta T290494