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Research Showcase November 2021
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When: 11/17/2021

Host: @Pablo
IRC host:
Theme: Content Moderation

  • Nate TeBlunthuis, University of Washington
  • Amy Bruckman, Georgia Institute of Technology

More information:

Confirm with speakersx
Event created/updated in the staff calendar
Get YouTube linkxEmerauld has done these through November 2021
Create Zoom meeting in advancexEmerauld has done these through November 2021
Upload abstracts to MediaWiki
Email to the listswiki-research, analytics, wikimedia-l, foundation-optional
Let office@ know about the guestsN/A
Reminder to lists on Monday
30 minute reminder on Wednesday+ IRC: #wikimedia-staff and Slack: OCG-General and #technology-department
Announce via social media
Add slides and video link

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