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[spike] Introduce automation to add editors in the loop if there is a dark theme rendering issue
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As part of the effort to reduce the rendering issues we have with dark theme, it would be valuable to see if we can somehow give feedback to editors when an article they edited doesn't render well.

Potential way to implement this: Leave feedback to the article talk page

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Given that we already have some good results from:

i am not sure how valuable is to pursue the rest of the spikes. Thoughts @vadim-kovalenko @ssastry @MSantos ?

At the moment we can create any kind of notification for user (e.g - "n" elements have theme issues (or similar)) since we have a working example of the DOM filtering.

@Jgiannelos I believe this can be "iceboxed" until we have the conversation with the Apps Teams about next steps.

I want to make sure I understand the status before commenting:

  1. The preview in dark mode feature is live.
  2. We're not sure if we need to follow up on the templates that display incorrectly in dark mode?


I’d also be curious if the preview feature will basically be a “passing the buck” of responsibility to the template editors that may ultimately result in a lot of prolonged inaction and a continued ruined experience with dark mode in the apps?

While I agree the preview will help, I feel a lot of the current dark mode issues may linger for a substantial amount of time without a direct intervention due to no pressing need for the template editors to review them in a timely manner.

It’s partially why I would have personally viewed a more automatic fix based on contrast ratios as a more powerful approach.

There are still so many articles with substantial info boxes that have completely unreadable text that basically render it impossible to use the wiki app in dark mode without a hindered experience.

Most of these I’ve mentioned before but to circle back to some of the most common examples of article templates with issues:

• discography tables with white text on super light backgrounds (see “mars Volta discography”)
• grand slam performance timeline section on tennis players (see very right side of that table for Novak djokovic)
• impossible to read table legends (see Nate McMillan head coaching record table and the accompanying legend)
• black text on black background for TV episode tables (see game of thrones season 7)
• awkward black text on dark blue background for mlb pages (see Francisco lindor a main info box where his name is first shown)
• two other issues with the same Francisco lindor article (the word medals being almost completely obscured) and unlike in light mode where the tables alternates blue and orange sextions for Mets-theme, dark mode no longer does
•other random one-offs (for example nolan Ryan where it has the baseball hall of fame ribbon in the info box looks completely different in dark mode or Maria andrejczyk, where it lists javelin throw in the info box, only the first instance is visible since it’s a link while the second and third are completely invisible)