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Hitting a Loops limit despite $egLoopsCounterLimit being set high enough.
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Our wikis have $egLoopsCounterLimit set to 1000 but a user noticed a table was reporting "Maximum number of loops have been performed" after line 96 (maybe not 100 due to table headers). As I reported on the Extension_talk:Loops, the extension.json file defaults LoopsCountLimit to 100 but there is no such setting for LoopsCounterLimit. Further, this commit shows a change of $egLoopsCounterLimit to $egLoopsCountLimit but it leaves it alone in onParserLimitReportPrepare() at the bottom of the file.

Setting $egLoopsCountLimit to 1000 as well fixes the problem in my dev wikis, but I wasn't sure if this is the proper solution or if the variable naming is a bug. The documentation does say that ExtLoops::$maxLoops, which is what I'd originally had it as, changes to $egLoopsCounterLimit in 1.0.0, and our wikis are on MW 1.35.3 and Loops 1.0.0-beta.

So I am confused if this is a bug and there are two variables where there should only be one, or if the documentation is missing this detail.

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This has been a bug in the 1.0.0-beta version, which is still in (quite stale) development. On current master, the variable should work as expected.