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New Web Readers Member Requests AlertManager Access
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I just joined the foundation and work on the readers team. I'd like to have access to the alertmanager dashboard.

As it stands, when I go to and log in, I get this error message: "Service access denied due to missing privileges."

How do I go about getting access?

Thanks and regards,

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Hi and welcome! On a side note, could benefit from clearer instructions how to get access. I'd assume "SSO users" refers to which links to which has instructions. Or see for required data. :)

Thank you @Aklapper, I have made "SSO" an hyperlink and clarified that nda and wmf LDAP groups membership is required.

@SCherukuwada hello and welcome! The LDAP account and group membership is setup as part of your onboarding to the production infrastructure. I am assuming there is Reading onboarding documentation that also links to group membership requests (?) Hope that helps!

Hello! Welcome to the WMF. I see you already have an LDAP account, so the fastest way forward is to use the direct link in as per @Aklapper's comment above and have your direct manager add their approval on the task.

akosiaris triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 9 2021, 1:02 PM

Thank you, everyone. I've asked for request to ldap/nda as per your advice (I've already filed a request for ldap/wmf for gerrit).

Given this task is now a duplicate, I'll close it. If that's not how we do it here, please let me know. :-)

I went for Edit Related Tasks...Close As Duplicate in the upper right corner here (as "resolved" would have implied that this has been done). :)