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Split switchdc.mediawiki step 08 into a 09
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From #wikimedia-sre earlier during the live test:

10:23:36 <rzl> legoktm: have we ever talked about running 08-start-maintenance first, and moving all the other 08- cookbooks to 09-?
10:23:49 <rzl> since there's more and more stuff in phase 8 now
10:24:15 <rzl> cc volans if you're still nearby, and happen to have context on it ^
10:24:19 <legoktm> no, but I think that would be reasonable
10:24:33 <legoktm> I think the jobrunner step should probably be 08 still though
10:24:40 <rzl> mm that's true
10:24:50 <rzl> and it's quick anyway
10:25:10 <volans> I think 08 was the catchall for all the cleanup stuff after we're back in RW and safe and sound
10:25:11 <legoktm> so 08 is "get everything MediaWiki running again" and 09 is updating other things and resetting TTLs
10:25:19 <volans> no problem to add additionals teps
10:25:28 <volans> the TTL should be the last probably
10:25:33 <rzl> yeah agree
10:25:48 <volans> if you have some priprity post-RW steps
10:25:53 <rzl> and I think in particular, maintenance scripts are the last thing people will actually be *waiting* for
10:25:55 <volans> leave them in 08 and move the others in 09
10:26:27 <rzl> not nearly as much as they're waiting for read-write, but it's still a little time-sensitive especially until the WDQS dispatcher rewrite
10:27:15 <legoktm> yeah, we won't be at 100% edit rate if maintence doesn't update the WDQS lag status, which puts a hold on all Wikidata bots

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Change 720075 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm; author: RLazarus):

[operations/cookbooks@master] sre.switchdc.mediawiki: Move some cookbooks from phase 8 to 9

Change 720075 merged by jenkins-bot:

[operations/cookbooks@master] sre.switchdc.mediawiki: Move some cookbooks from phase 8 to 9