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Diary study for notifications feature on the iOS app
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Planning document

Testing plan

At least 5 users will be recruited via internal email from the WMF and through a posting on tech news.

These testers will need to be able to run the latest beta version of the app on their device. Participants will be provided with a link to the testing protocol as well as three Google forms, where they will be asked to complete surveys throughout the study.

The test will be an unmoderated two-week long diary study (longitudinal study). Participants will be asked to use the beta version of the app, while logged into their volunteer account with push notifications turned on (with the option to modify their preferences throughout the duration of the study).

Participants will be asked to use the app for two weeks and answer a brief survey at least 7 times throughout the duration of the study. Additionally, participants will be asked to fill out an intro and an exit survey.

Users will perform the test remotely.

There are no screener questions for this group of testers.

Engineering requirements

  • In-app notification center
      • Filters
      • Multi-project support
      • Bulk edit mode
      • Notification cells
        • Tap through to primary and secondary links
        • Swipe actions
    • Push notifications
      • Push notifications
      • Push notification settings
  • Badging of app icon
  • In-app alerts
  • Subscription settings (push to web)

To do before study can begin

To do after the study has begun

  • Create exit survey on Google forms

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