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Usability testing of Notifications feature on iOS app with new contributors (via
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Planning document

Testing plan

The test with first time editors will utilize to recruit users, record sessions and ‘facilitate’ the test.

The test will be an unmoderated, task based test. Users will be given a set of tasks to complete in a 15-20 minute time frame, followed by a set of 4 written questions. Users will perform the test remotely.

Engineering requirements

  • In-app notification center
    • Filters
    • Single inbox (Test Wiki)
    • Bulk edit mode
  • Notification cells
    • Tap through to primary and secondary links
    • Swipe actions

To do before study can begin

  • Finalize what features will be available for testing
  • Write usability testing script
  • Test script with testing build provided by engineering
  • Upload script to

To do after study has concluded

  • Review videos
  • Share out highlights (what went well)
  • Share out findings (what could be improved)
    • Create Phabricator tickets to represent what needs to be updated