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Create communications plan Reply Tool opt-out Phase 3, 4, and 5 deployments
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The wikis that belong to each phase can be found in T280388#7332061.

PhaseWikisCommunications strategyTicket
Phase 3Small-to-medium Wikipedias, plus all single-language non-Wikipedias (e.g., the Wikiquotes and Wikivoyages)Two announcements in Tech/NewsT291315
Phase 4Multi-lingual projects (Wikidata, Commons, Meta-Wiki, Wikispecies, and messages posted at each project
Phase 5Remaining large Wikipedias (English, German, Russian, French)Custom messages posted at each project

Event Timeline

Notification for Phase 3 (small and mid-sized Wikipedias) will rely heavily on Tech/News. However, there are six Wikipedias in Phase 3 that don't have the Reply tool enabled by default already and did have more than 1,000 active registered editors last month: trwiki, svwiki, fiwiki, nowiki, cawiki, and simplewiki. The English Wiktionary also fits the criteria. I plan to post an extra notice this week at those wikis.