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Refactor Search Handler
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Refactor the actual search handler by moving it out of the code and reduce the logic within the app.vue file

This task will affect all the actions that may trigger a search (change term, change type & change category).

The most common test required are:

  • Search directly from a blank page
  • Search using the top right search box
  • Search multiple terms
  • Change types of search
  • Change categories
  • Go forward and backward multiple times
  • Scroll to bottom and trigger auto search
  • scroll to bottom and click "search more" when autosearch is fulfilled (it autosearch just twice)
Notes for QA
  • Behavior of the application should remain unchanged from the end-user's perspective

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Change 726584 had a related patch set uploaded (by Simone Cuomo; author: Simone Cuomo):

[mediawiki/extensions/MediaSearch@master] Refactor Search Handler

Change 726584 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/MediaSearch@master] Refactor Search Handler

Filed as T294953: MediaSearch searches are more restrictive than Special:Search.

@SimoneThisDot, @Cparle - most likely my question is a false alarm (or not relevant to the scope of this task) , but I noticed that the MediaSearch in commons betalabs restricts searches to File namespace only.


  1. On betalabs in a private browser window without logging in, type in the search text field a search word : rose ( Only two results will be displayed:

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 12.19.22 PM.png (1×2 px, 498 KB)

  1. Click on "Switch to a Special:Search" - Special:Search will display more results than Special:MediaSearch.

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.39.29 AM.png (1×2 px, 708 KB)

The difference in the numbers of fetched results cannot be explained by the fact the Special:Search by default searches in more namespaces. If on Special:Search I remove extra namespaces - Help, Category, Creator, Institution - there are still more results for jpg image files with rose in the title than on MediaSearch.

When I remove (Gallery) namespace - only then the number of search results between Special:Search and Special:MediaSearch will match.

I've checked the production and could not see such big difference in the number of fetched results between MediaSearch and Search. I save some queries results from production to monitor for possible inconsistencies between searches on MediawikiSearch and Special:Search.

Etonkovidova closed this task as Resolved.EditedNov 3 2021, 9:20 PM

Checked in wmf.7.

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