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Provide notification about availability of add link feature
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Our deployment process for Add-Link typically involves a 50/50 A/B test, where 50% of new users in the GrowthExperiments get link recommendation tasks, and 50% don't. At the same time, we also enable link recommendation task for all older users who are already getting Growth features.

It would be nice to have an Echo notification to tell the users that there's a new type of task available to them on the homepage.

Even if that's of somewhat limited use for Add-Link specifically, we might want to experiment with this type of notification for a future (T247507: Scale: deploy Growth features to 100 wikis is related?) where we mass enable Special:Homepage for newcomers who created accounts before we enabled GrowthExperiments on a particular wiki (there the notification would be like "Check out Special:Homepage" etc etc)

ImpactDrives more traffic to Special:Homepage and engagement with Add-Link feature
What happens if we don't do thisActive users who have access to "add link" but don't interact with task types or revisit Special:Homepage don't find out about the feature
Level of engineering effortLow
Who needs to decide@MMiller_WMF & @RHo

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Hi @kostajh, agree this sounds like a good low effort thing to try
@MMiller_WMF - maybe something that can be done in the next week or two before the Add image front end tasks are ready?

Thanks for this idea, @kostajh. I'm going to ask some other PMs what they have done in this "feature announcement" domain.