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Set up citation templates in Visual Editor for Dagbani language Wikipedia
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As an editor, I want to generate citations from a URL using the Visual Editor automatic cite function.

Exisiting citation templates:

When you click "Cite" in Visual Editor, there

  • are no manual templates to choose from
  • is no "automatic" dialogue to paste URL


cite.png (949×1 px, 283 KB)

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Okay, step one:

Paste this exactly into this page:

    { "name": "web", "icon": "ref-cite-web", "template": "Cite web" },
    { "name": "book", "icon": "ref-cite-book", "template": "Cite book" },
    { "name": "news", "icon": "ref-cite-news", "template": "Cite news" },
    { "name": "journal", "icon": "ref-cite-journal", "template": "Cite journal" }

That should bring the manual templates into the box in VE.

Step 2:

The templates should each have <templatedata> tags on their /doc subpages. See mw:Help:TemplateData. You can probably copy that from where the templates were copied from.

Step 3:

You need to create the page MediaWiki:Citoid-template-type-map.json for automatic references to work. See the English Wikipedia version for an example, and this page for the documentation.

Clicking on "Cite" now reveals the Automatic and Manual dialogues.

  • Manual citations for web, book, news, and journal work
  • Automatic citation give the following error
We couldn't make a citation for you. You can create one manually using the "Manual" tab above.

error on citation automatic.png (904×1 px, 193 KB)

After making some tests, I can confirm that this is working now \o/

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