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Provide some data about the Growth features at German Wikipedia
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German Wikipedia has an event on October 1st - 3rd. They'd like to show some first results of the current trial of Growth features.

  • the volume of edits acceptance (due to Flagged Revisions), compared with the current (default) experience.
  • the volume of questions to mentors, to have a better idea of the number of mentors needed when more newcomers will get the features
  • the quality of questions
  • how many new accounts registered since the deployment and how many of those accounts did get the tools
  • how many users edited via the tools since the deployment

Regarding the quality of question, it is not a quantifiable element, since it requires to evaluate the questions. We can reuse the questions during messages evaluation at French Wikipedia:

  • Is it a question?
  • Does the context of the message provide information to the person receiving the message? (even if it is not a question)

Event Timeline

@MMiller_WMF / @nettrom_WMF should this be in the current sprint?

Thanks for asking, @mewoph. I'm going to generate these numbers, and I'll plan to do it during the week of October 27.

@Trizek-WMF -- can you tell me how to answer the first question? Is checking "accepted" edits for FlaggedRevisions different than checking whether they were reverted?

@Trizek-WMF: Hi, the Due Date set for this open task passed a while ago.
Could you please either update or reset the Due Date (by clicking Edit Task), or set the status of this task to resolved in case this task is done? Thanks!

This data request has been covered though email, and shared with the German community.