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Investigate how to implement the staging environment
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how do other features do this?
where to host?
when to create?
what to update so that it's auto-deployed

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Timebox - 1 Day Investigate, Half Day Discussion

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karapayneWMDE set the point value for this task to 1.

After brief chats with @hoo and @Addshore the most obvious approach seems to be a second toolforge project for staging.

  • The WD/WB teams do not maintain many (if any) tools on toolforge at the moment, so apparently there are no prior examples for this.
  • The setup should be quite straightforward, because we'll be able to simply copy most of the processes we are running for prod already.
  • GitHub actions will have to be updated for auto-deployment. Exact steps will have to be discussed. (e.g. deploy to production only after UX or product approval on staging?)
  • When: probably any time.

+1 Thank you for the research @Silvan_WMDE , I think this is pretty much straightforward, We just need to update the staging environment ticket T290058, to reflect this conclusion, so that we can attempt to pick it up or at least break it down.