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"consistent" subpage navigation?
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Author: gangleri

See [[en:User:Gangleri/tests/empty/empty/not_empty]] and
[[test:User:Gangleri/tests/empty/empty/not_empty]] (
_empty ).

Navigation links from a "subpage" to all "higher" (sub-)pages are
shown EXCEPT for the "not empty" ones.

a) Personaly I think, that the navigation would be more
informative, if the links to "higher" empty pages would be
available too.

b) I could see an intermittent problem at different subpages in
the User namespace. For some time at [[en:User:Gangleri/tests]]
the navigation to [[en:User:Gangleri]] did not show up. At some
point I noticed, that the signature [[en:User:Gangleri]]
was "red" too. This maight be an explanation why the navigation
was not there. Another explanation, the MediaWiki software
(modules) changed in the mean time.

c) Would be happy if same navigation would be available for all
namespaces (except special, where it probably would not apply).

Compare also:

Regards Reinhardt

Version: 1.3.x
Severity: minor
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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mrwojo wrote:

Empty parent subpages not showing up is caused by this line in Skin.php:

if(preg_match('/class="new"/i',$getlink)) { break; } # this is a hack, but it
saves time

I'm not sure what purpose it serves, but it has been in since the initial
revision. Removing the line fixes it. It also makes subpages such as:


show only a link back to "Page" because it stops as soon as it finds a broken link.

That line serves the purpose of suppressing false subpage links on pages that aren't actually subpages (because no
"parent" page exists). This is intended behavior.