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MediaWiki refuses to generate thumbnail URLs for large PNGs and TIFFs with "Error creating thumbnail: File with dimensions greater than 100 MP"
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:
No thumbnail URLs are created. Instead, there is an error stating Error creating thumbnail: File with dimensions greater than 100 MP.

What should have happened instead?:
Thumbnail URLs should have been created. Thumbor is perfectly capable of thumbnailing these files (example) and can continue to do so.

Software version (if not a Wikimedia wiki), browser information, screenshots, other information, etc:
Likely related to recent T290759: Undeploy VipsScaler from Wikimedia wikis, as VipsScaler was only enabled for PNG and TIFF.

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OK, back to TransformationalImageHandler::doTransform() from the other issue today T290973: Error: Call to a member function getMimeType() on null

		if ( $image->isTransformedLocally() && !$this->isImageAreaOkForThumbnaling( $image, $params ) ) {
			global $wgMaxImageArea;
			return new TransformTooBigImageAreaError( $params, $wgMaxImageArea );

which calls the BitmapHandlerCheckImageArea hook, which VipsScaler was overriding.

		if ( self::getHandlerOptions( $file->getHandler(), $file, $params ) !== false ) {
			wfDebug( __METHOD__ . ": Overriding $wgMaxImageArea\n" );
			$result = true;
			return false;

So definitely caused by removing VipsScaler.

Legoktm triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Tue, Sep 14, 9:52 PM

Unfortunately this does break display of images in articles it's not just the file description page.

Legoktm claimed this task.

VipsScaler is back for now, we'll make sure this doesn't regress when removing it again.