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Wikit: Move Table Component to Wikit
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This task depends on T289843: create simple table component with default states

As we would like to ensure our work is upstreamed to WiKit, we will have to move the text area component (and it's tests) from our own repository to WiKit.


  • Table component is copied to vue-compoenent/src/components in the WiKit repository
  • Jest tests that mount and test the component are also copied to vue-compoenent/test/unit/componenets and are passing.

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guergana.tzatchkova renamed this task from Move Table Component to Wikit to Wikit: Move Table Component to Wikit.Sep 15 2021, 11:40 AM

Re-openeing, since the table component within mismatch finder was updated to fix a small issue, and it will need to be up streamed to Wikit again. See comment in