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Special:Search output layout for Commons
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Author: test5555

The standard output for search results with images is a thumbnail with text matches on the same line.

For Commons, depending on the search, the text match is secondary. It would be interesting if there was an optional layout that just displays a gallery of thumbnails as category pages do.

The output would be similar to one of the "file search" function of Commons Commander ( ).

Larger thumbnails would help sometimes.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: enhancement
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Not exactly what you're requesting, but related (and inspired by what you said) I did a little experiment with user js for a sort of gallery search kind of like google instant search.

Anyways, its at [[User:Bawolff/quickImageSearch]] if you're interested. (have to add things to your user js too.)

test5555 wrote:

It's at [[Commons:User:Bawolff/quickImageSearch]] (standard links go to en.WP).

Great tool. The result is quite what I had in mind. Thanks.

This is similar to bug 8738.

Wondering if a gallery output similar to would fulfil this request.

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Hm, @Richard50371, I don't think this has anything to do with T249261.