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make automatically deploy-able staging quarry
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The current dev instance is manually created. Introduce puppet code, and a local puppet master, to allow for an automatic deployment of a staging (dev) instance. This can be used for testing new features and bug fixes before going live to the public quarry nodes.

This will need
mount_nfs: false
set in hiera which will cause a few directories to not be created. They should be generated, along with the db schema and quarry db user need to be created:

mkdir -p /data/project
mkdir -p /srv/results # make quarry owner
MariaDB [(none)]> source /srv/quarry/schema.sql
CREATE USER 'quarry'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '<pass>';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'quarry'@'%';

But in puppet rather than bash.

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Change 721585 had a related patch set uploaded (by Michael DiPietro; author: Michael DiPietro):

[operations/puppet@production] create role to deploy staging instance for quarry

Change 721585 merged by Michael DiPietro:

[operations/puppet@production] create role to deploy staging instance for quarry