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Requesting access to SRE / DevOps / CI/CD related privileges
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Hello Team

I would like to contribute to WMF on the above mentioned areas. Though I am currently unware of the required permissions, I would like to sign up NDA so that I can search for required accesses. Here's a bit of background check (private info) on me if that's needed :

Good day.


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Hello @TheReadOnly, thanks for be willing to help! Unfortunately, I currently don't recognize your name (and as your Wikimedia account is only a couple of days old, it's not a big surprise :)) which makes it very unlikely to receive some advanced permissions.

Fortunately, Wikimedia is very open to new contributors, and advanced permissions (and usually, an NDA) are usually required only for applying a change, not for working on it (which is more appreciated). Since this ticket is pretty broard, I'm unable to offer possibilities taylored for you.

You might want to explore to learn about places where you could be useful. If you're interested in SRE-like areas, operations/puppet is the repository you'll want to clone and explore.

Hope this helps.

For CI, you could be also interested in looking into current CI build failures (ci-test-error), and try to fix some issues reported there. For instance, T291259: CI fails for GrowthExperiments's master branch is one I just filled!

@TheReadOnly: Thanks a lot for your interest! If you need specific access permissions to something (what exactly?) for a specific reason (which one?), then please elaborate. I'm going to decline this ticket for the time being, as it's currently unclear why this is needed. Also see for more information. Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks for the update @Urbanecm . The primary reason I requested for NDA is to then request for privileged access to CI instances in order to debug this recurring issue by looking at realtime prod (or even beta ( ) logs on the instances as fishing for logs from other's builds (specifically looking to logs where pipelinelib does its things) was too time consuming. Hence, I figured to request for this.

I can very much understand the recognization part and it takes time to earn trust.

Thank you so much for the Phab tag on ci-test-error. I'll pick up things from these CI/CD tags on phab going further.