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Do the messages left for unregistered or logged-out IP editors get read by those editors?
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Some wikis, especially the English Wikipedia, leave messages on the User_talk: pages for editors who are not logged in. These are often boilerplate notices delivered by script. It is frustrating to experienced editors when the IP editors don't change their behavior after a message has been posted.

My question is: How often do the "anonymous" editors actually read these messages? How soon do they get read, and how does that compare to how often IP addresses are reassigned in various regions of the world? (Perhaps many IP addresses could be assumed to persist for a few weeks, in wealthier countries?) Are the numbers different for IPs who edit exclusively from mobile devices?

In practice, frustrated editors only care about IPs that make 2+ edits. Most concerns are raised around IPs who make a mistake, get warned, and then make the same type of mistake again.

Name for main point of contact: @Whatamidoing-WMF

What teams or departments is this for? Product. The apps teams and the Anti-Harassment Tools team are most likely to benefit directly.

Relevant timelines or deadlines: Sooner is better, but there is no hard deadline.

How will you use this data or analysis? Ultimately, to decide whether we need to re-structure communication methods for IP editors. If a large percentage of the posted messages don't get read, or likely get read by a different person, then solving the problems underlying may require far more extensive changes than merely making a link to the User_talk: page be more prominent.

Is this request urgent or time sensitive? No

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Hi @Whatamidoing-WMF ! The Product Analytics team will triage and prioritize this task in our next meeting, on Sept 27.

Update: we'll triage this tomorrow, Sept 28.

@Whatamidoing-WMF: Quick question about "to decide whether we need to re-structure communication methods for IP editors" to help us better understand this request – who is "we"?

Add @Niharika as AHT team is mentioned in description.

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